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Because now more than ever, knowledge-based service providers have to reposition and amplify their brands to remain relevant. I empower consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs & business executives to amplify their brands and achieve their desired growth faster. Let me guide and support you with one-on-one or group coaching and training to help close the gap between where you are and where you need to be... So you can attract the clients you need to earn the income that affords you the lifestyle you desire.


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Branding For Your Desired Life

If you are like many of my clients, you desire to ampliy your impact, influence and income! Perhaps you seek guidence to get unstuck and get ahead. Or you want accountabilitry to reach the next level. Maybe you have been thinking of creating high ticket offers but need help. You may have achieved success yet need the mindset support

I’m here to empower and support you. By using results focused brand building strategies, you will achieve your desired goals and targets faster without frustration. Over the past 28 years, I have helped my clients: Founders, CEOs and Executives of entreprenurial start-ups, private practices and multi-million dollar organisations achived, branding, marketing, sales and personal goals.

Brand Power Positioning

Like some entrepreneurs and managers, you have spent money and time on a fancy logo, pretty graphics plus an award-winning website, and still not getting desired sales? Now you are wondering what you did wrong! It's not always a case of what you did wrong, but what you did out of sequence. Do you have a brand strategy to enhance your visibility and influence? Let’s evaluate and amplify your brand with my 5 point Brand Strategy System. Finally, get the pay and recognition for the value you provide to others.

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Team Empowerment

It can be challenging to find coaches, speakers, and trainers, who connect, engage and communicate value with their clients and audiences. The next time you need a featured or keynote speaker to address your team, organization, or industry partners, we should talk first. Yes! I’m your expert for retreats, boot camps, webinars, and conferences. I'm ready to give you access to my 25 years of experience to help ignite passions and create magical sparks among your audiences. I'm here to serve and support you.

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Client Attraction Brand Process

Becoming a client attraction magnet with higher-paying clients requires more than a logo and a social media presence. You will need to clarify your position, amplifying your message, realign your offers, and monetizing your knowledge with profit hacking. It can be challenging and at times frustrating to do it all without adequate help especially when you would prefer to use your time doing what you do best. Yes! I will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone. Imagine attracting your ideal clients that respect what you offer and are happy to pay you higher fees.

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Brand Strategy Coach

You are a professional, entrepreneur, or business leader with a vision to manifest your dreams. With your brilliant ideas and passion, you will require support, empowerment, and subject matter expertise that aligns with your personality. When you need a sprinkle of branding inspiration or answers to build and execute your ambitions I'm here. When you hit those low places and feel vulnerable, like giving up, I will help you stay focused on your breakthrough to success. Finally, you can kiss frustration goodbye and know you have a spirited professional in your corner. Let's connect and explore our suitability.

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Troy believes the fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed!

Troy J. Holder is a branding coach, marketing trainer and speaker with a passion for people empowerment. He enjoys the enviable pleasure of working from Barbados, a tropical Caribbean paradise. The strategies and ideas he has shared over the past 25 years have generated over US$2.5 billion in combined sales for his clients and students. Troy empowers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, women founders, and independent professionals, to amplify their personal and corporate brands and marketing strategies to achieve their desired growth faster.

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•Coach to progressive execs & entreprenures
•17yrs as a marketing & business trainer
•An adjunct professor of marketing
•Consultant to multi-million dollar Corps
•28yrs of graphic/ brand identity design
•Worked in advertising: client & agency sides
•Managed a marketing dept. /w 27 staff
•In the 22nd year of marriage /w 3 children!

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No two branding challenges are the same. That's why I develop customised solutions for you... Be it coaching, strategy or training. Get your own customized “Brand Building Marketing Process” for your business while increasing your profit margins! Discover how to build an expert brand to make a greater impact. It’s time to create a plan for growing your influence to new higher levels. Yes, you will build the perfect funnels to communicate with and convert your ideal audiences.

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Imagine what you can achieve when you have a spirited business growth branding professional providing your branding, marketing, and training support? Let's do it! I'm here to empower, inspire and challenge you to do more and be more. Tell me more about your goals and challenges.

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